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We Increase Productivity Amongst Your Employees

"Productivity is another factor affected when employees aren’t at their best, physically and mentally. A survey by the Employee Benefit News magazine said that 31 percent of respondents rated mental illness as the number one reason for loss of productivity. This is important, because with one in four adults experiencing some type of mental illness, wellness programs have become about more than just physical health. That's why adding mental illness to overall wellness is now synonymous with physical wellness. We all lead fast lives, and that can cause our stress levels to skyrocket.

"Lack and loss of productivity due to health reasons can also lead to absenteeism. According to a CDC study, absenteeism costs small employers between $16 and $81 per employee annually, and large employers between $17 and $286.  The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans survey also found that among employers offering and measuring wellness efforts, more than half saw a decrease in absenteeism, while 66 percent reported increased productivity and 67 percent said employees are more satisfied.

It’s no secret that healthy employees are productive employees, but employers and corporate leaders need to ensure that wellness programs are all-encompassing. They need to recognize that the more they invest in their employees, the more they get back. It’s that simple."