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We Lower Your Health Care Costs

"In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study on the relationship between ”Inadequate physical activity and healthcare expenditures in the United States.” The researchers found that individuals who didn’t exercise spent $5,813 per year on healthcare costs, while those who exercised between 0 and 150 minutes per week spent $5,076 per year. Those who exercised more than 150 minutes per week only spent $4,500 annually. Overall, the study demonstrated that sedentary adults spent, on average, $1,313 more on healthcare every year compared to active adults."

"While the CDC study doesn’t directly show how wellness companies reduce healthcare costs for businesses, it does show that unhealthy behaviors are associated with increased healthcare costs. To put things in perspective, according to the CDC, 11.1% of healthcare costs in the United States are related to inadequate physical activity. In 2018, the United States spent $3.6 trillion on healthcare. Inactivity, therefore, is responsible for $333 billion ($3 trillion x 11.1%) in healthcare costs.

By adopting healthy behaviors like promoting physical exercise, employees can reduce the chances of chronic disease and overall health risks, which results in lowered healthcare costs for employers."

"HBR, therefore, partnered with WebMD Health Services to build another model to assess the impact of health coaching. The idea was to see whether a one-on-one offering that employers include in their well-being programs to support employees to make health-related behavior changes translated into an improvement in overall health status. They found that coaching made a difference. After 12 months of coaching, the savings in medical costs were about $195 per participant. For those who received condition management coaching, employers were looking at an annual cost savings of $1,113 per participant."