Our Culture.

Through Love Serve One Another - Galatians 5:13

Slainte Le Curam

Our Story

Slainte means “health” in Gaelic, the language of Ireland where my family roots are tied. Le Curam means “with care”, a value we believe is carried through our desire to serve others. The metallic gold, black, and white not only represent a great color scheme but the colors of my high school. These were the years I began the journey to discover who I truly was and what I was most passionate about. Those passions were later determined to be health, business, and service in my college years. We look to bring an aspect of faith and family into every relationship that is built because together, we can reach our highest potential in mind, body, and soul. 

- James McGovern Founder


Our Values.



We believe God has given all of us a purpose and a path to reach that purpose. We trust that this can give us a sense of optimism and comfortability knowing that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. We’re on this planet to serve one another and we take that into every aspect of the business we do. As individuals, as well as a company, we look at every day as an opportunity to better ourselves in the eyes of God. With faith, our opportunities are limitless and so are the number of lives we can change.

"Through love, serve one another" - Galatians 5:13. This bible verse doesn't only represent our company, but ourselves as individuals. People come first. ALWAYS. Our priority is to help you reach your highest potential being. We genuinely care about getting you results because it fulfills what we believe we were put on this earth to do, to serve.


With growth comes adversity. Resilience comes from the desire within, that passion to grow and improve not only in our health but in every aspect of our lives. We want to help you grow into that person you've always wanted to be, your happiest and healthiest self. We hold each other accountable to reach new limits and create a standard that we thought we could never reach. Be optimistic, be resilient, conquer goals, REPEAT.


With discipline, we create a world where our goals become our accomplishments. Accountability on our end and discipline on yours will yield results. You have goals in your head that we, together, will make a reality. It’s that simple.


Meet The Team.

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James McGovern


James McGovern is a former division 1 football player, certified personal trainer, men’s physique competitor, and founder of Slainte Le Curam. The values of Slainte Le Curam not only represent his company but himself as a person. During the preparation for his first bodybuilding show, he realized the true power of your mind. he learned through this experience that there are no limitations in life to what we can achieve, only the ones we set for ourselves. We have the opportunity to create a life for ourselves where we get up every morning excited to go to work and end our days fulfilled by the work we do. To create a life doing what we want and love every day. he aspires to inspire people to do exactly this and he uses health and fitness as an outlet to get you there. Everything on our journey together is to help you crush your health and fitness goals and give you tools that can be directly applied to everyday life. Achieve your dream body, achieve your dream life.


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Taber Gates
Chief Executive Officer 

Taber Gates just graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a finance major and an entrepreneurship minor. Taber was a previous high school athlete and has a driven mindset to create business and entrepreneurial opportunities. He has 5 Impressive internships under his belt and Personally started a Non Profit. Recently, he just received an internship with the RISBDC and looks forward to taking his business experience and skillset to the next level. Taber has been very involved in the business world whether it’s a side hustle or gaining experience from his many colleagues and  internships. Taber decided to work with James and Slainte because he felt he could help the company grow beyond expectation. He specializes in marketing and business strategies and has taken on the roll of project manager / financial manager for James. He looks to bring his competitive attitude to help Slainte continue building a winning atmosphere.